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FFM is dedicated to tailoring handcrafted strategies to our clients on a case-by-case basis. Our performance standards are the highest in the industry offering each client a team of at least two investigators at all times regardless of case type. Our investigators offer decades of combined expertise in multiple legal, investigative, and security areas to create a balance of skills applicable to countless types of investigations. We are not a cookie-cutter agency, and will plan your case carefully and to meet your individual needs.

Whether your case is domestic in nature, involves the potential for critical financial loss, or involves issues of a criminal nature our staff of private investigators will work hard to gather the necessary legal evidence needed to prove your case. We will present the facts to you clearly and in a professional fashion. Our specialties include: covert and overt surveillance; cheating spouse and child custody cases; domestic violence and sexual violence investigations; process services; background investigations; due diligence investigations; and missing persons, as well as other case work to include criminal investigations upon request.

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