Here is what a few of our past clients had to share about their experience with us.

Thomas came to us for armed security officer training. He is a former Corrections Officer for the notorious Rikers Island Jail in NYC. We enjoyed having him here as much as he enjoyed the training. We wish him all the best.

Whitney came to us for pistol training because she lives alone and is a victim of violent crime. Now, she is armed with the necessary skills to protect herself should the need arise. We take pride in training people the right way.

Ernie had received a lot of training from different places, but, he was convinced there was something better out there. Luckily, he found us, and progressed from an okay shooter to a good shooter with a solid skill set.

Bill and his wife came to us because they owned guns, but, hadn’t received any “real” training. As you can see, he “went from knowing nothing to feeling really comfortable” with various types of weapons. His wife was also pleased with her progress.

Abby came to us because she and her daughter were interested in rifle shooting. At first she was apprehensive because her daughter is only 13, but, we were able to put her mind at ease and provide them the invaluable training they expected and more.