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Have you recently purchased a firearm, but, don’t feel comfortable firing it? Have you been around firearms your entire life, but, need assistance with certain firearms? Have you been in the military, but, miss being able to hone your skills? Have you thought about obtaining a Concealed Carry permit, but, haven’t had the time? Have you had the desire to become a better shooter, but, reached a plateau? Have you considered taking a firearms training class, but, are short on cash?

With our highly motivated and encouraging instructors, we offer group training to improve your proficiency with firearms. Our goal is to help you achieve excellent results quickly with primary emphasis on improving your firearm safety habits and confidence to make every shot count. Through our affordable and customized training in firearm safety, handguns, rifles, shotguns, and personal protection, we can help:


  • Reduce Chances of Becoming a Victim
  • Prevent Injury & Loss of Life
  • Improve Shooting Accuracy
  • Instill Firearm Safety
  • Build Confidence



We will teach you not only to become a better shooter, but, also develop your confidence at work and in your day-to-day activities by knowing you have what it takes to survive. When our clients commit their time and energy to our rigorous lessons, they will leave with improved skills, greater confidence, and the ability to apply what they have learned.

GROUP TRAINING (2-5 people)

The first step is to submit a Registration Form (see below), and no one is under any obligation to improve their skills. We want to learn what your goals are and what you wish to accomplish. Group training is divided into two sections: Comprehensive Arms and Tactical & Defensive. Comprehensive Arms covers all types and actions of firearms and is more suitable for novice shooters; whereas, Tactical & Defensive covers specific firearms for specific purposes and is more suitable for experienced shooters.

Together, we will determine each individual’s current level of comfort with various types of firearms. To do this, we will ask you a few questions, and have you fill out a short form. This enables us to develop the most useful lessons for you; there is no minimum proficiency requirement for prospective clients.

Shortly after your consult, our highly experienced trainers will formulate a lesson plan tailored specifically for your group, and we will work together to determine an optimal schedule. All training is conducted in a classroom setting and/or The Range.

Comprehensive Arms

Includes: A variety of angles so clients can apply their skills in many ways

Typical Session: Review, Skill Building, Accuracy Techniques, Shooting Strategies, Customized Live-Fire Applications

Tactical & Defensive

Includes: Weekly training in order to build a strong skill set

Typical Session: Review, Classroom Session, Customized Live-Fire Drills, Tactical Strategies, Defensive Skill Development

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