Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions (“this agreement”) set out your rights and obligations in connection with any and all payments rendered to Fundamental Firearm Management, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. All of the terms contained in this agreement are legally binding, so please read them carefully.


All prices are subject to change without notice.


a. There will be no refunds on any deposit rendered for any course Fundamental Firearm Management, Inc. and its subsidiaries provide.

b. Client agrees to hold harmless Fundamental Firearm Management, Inc., its attorneys, insurers, officers, directors, stockholders, agents, servants, representatives, contractors, employees, successors, predecessors, assigns, parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries, whether named herein or not, from any claims, demands, controversies, actions, or causes relating to or arising out of our processing, handling, and/or conducting Client’s training session(s) scheduled or unscheduled, or any disputes related to Client’s training sessions, whether known or unknown, as of the date of deposit rendered to Company by Client for said course.

c. If you have an emergency, you may request, in writing, within 14 days of said missed course, a credit toward a future course. We reserve the right to review your request for a credit, and to approve or deny your request. You will be notified of our express written decision via USPS Certified Mail.

d. Fundamental Firearm Management, Inc. reserves the right to cancel and reschedule any course due to an insufficient number of registered clients; notwithstanding, our no refund policy still applies. Client understands that the schedule is subject to change without notice. ALTHOUGH WE MAKE EVERY REASONABLE EFFORT TO INFORM CLIENTS OF A CANCELLATION, THERE MAY BE CERTAIN EXCEPTIONS. IT IS THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT TO CALL US AT 540-370-8880 TO ENSURE A CLASS HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED OR RESCHEDULED.

e. An administrative fee not to exceed fifty dollars may apply to certain training courses. The fee may include payment for the processing of your paperwork and/or, for liability purposes, conducting a verification check on the information submitted by you to us.


a. Client understands there may be a one-time additional range fee for any and all live-fire training, including, but not limited to: Basic Pistol, Basic Shotgun, Basic Rifle, Tactical Rifle, Defensive Pistol, NRA Instructor, Group, One-on-One, and Personal Protection.

b. Said client will be informed if any additional fees will be incurred; furthermore, client agrees to pay any and all fees prior to training. Fees typically average twenty-five dollars.


a. All private investigative work requiring mobility will be billed at a rate not to exceed eighty cents per mile.

b. If a plan is purchased that includes a mileage allotment, no refunds will be given for any “unused” portion of said allotment.

c. All hourly rates and plan pricing is the price per investigator, and subject to change.


a. For some investigative services, even if no usable information is found, a “no-hit fee” may be charged; most flat-rate searches carry said fee. No hit fees apply when we are unable to obtain any useful information. In such event, we will charge a “no-hit fee” for our attempt to obtain the information requested; we will refund you the difference.

b. The difference is defined as the the initial cost of the service less the “no-hit fee.”

c. “No-hit fees” may not exceed fifty dollars per search.


a. Any fee paid to Fundamental Firearm Management, Inc. in connection with a background check is NON-REFUNDABLE.

b. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to our NO REFUND policy regarding any and all background investigations.

How to Purchase Firearms Online

We, Fundamental Firearm Management, sell firearms, ammo and custom firearms only in accordance with Federal, State, and Local firearm laws.
In order to Purchase Firearms Online:
You must be 18 or older to purchase long guns and 21 or older to purchase hand guns. Check your local & state laws. You must complete the following steps listed below before we can process your order.
1. Verify that the product you wish to purchase from Fundamental Firearm Management, meet your state, county, or city firearm laws.
2. Once you have completed your firearm purchase online. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail.
• If you do not receive an email order status update within two business days after placing your order, please give us a call at 1-540-940-2380.
3. Find a local FFL that will accept the transfer of the firearm for you. This can be your local Gun Shop, Pawn Shop, Gun Range or any other location that holds a current FFL and will help you with your transaction.
• You can use the search function below to view the list of FFL holders that are currently on file (we do not endorse or suggest the use of any FFL listed here).
• Please make sure you write your name and order number on any correspondence you send us.
• If you choose a FFL not on the above mentioned link, have them e-mail, fax or mail a file copy of their FFL to us at the address below:
Fundamental Firearm Management
Attn: FFL Transactions
PO Box 7205
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

E-Mail forms to: admin@ffmva.com

4. Contact your FFL and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from Fundamental Firearm Management, This transaction is solely between you and the FFL holder.

5. Once your FFL holder receives your firearm; you will need to pick it up.
***Important: **** Upon arrival at your FFL, inspect your firearm to make certain that everything is acceptable before filling out the necessary paperwork. Once the transfer of the firearm is complete, the manufacturer’s warranty is then in effect and from that point on any complications with the firearm will need to be handled by the manufacturer.
Firearm Restrictions by State:
California Handguns must be on Approved List. Assault weapons must be CA Approved.
Connecticut No Semi-Auto Rifles.
Maryland Firearms sales only to Class 01 FFL Dealer. Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
Massachusetts No Handguns, Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
New Jersey Firearms sales only to Class 01 FFL Dealer. Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
New York No Assault Weapons, No Handguns (NYC)
Washington D.C. No Firearms
Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering firearms.
NOTE: Ammunition and Firearms must be purchased separately, in two separate orders.
To Purchase Ammunition Online:
Federal law requires that you must be at least 18 years old to purchase shotgun ammunition and 21 years or older to purchase handgun and rifle ammunition.
• We can ship ammunition to your door via FedEx.
• Use of known shipper, no third party
• No sales outside the U.S
• Ammunition shipped by air requires Hazardous Material (HazMat) classification and additional fees will apply.
• Ammunition shipments to Alaska and Hawaii must be by air.
• Ammunition and firearms must be purchased separately.
• For safety reasons, we do not accept returns on ammunition.
• Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearm.
• Check your local laws for any other regulations before ordering.
• All sales over 100.00 that are being shipped to a residence will require an adult signature and are not allowed to be left at the door, fees will apply.
Ammunition Restrictions by State:
Illinois We must have a copy of your FOID and State ID on file
Connecticut We must have a copy of your AEC or Pistol Permit and State ID on file
Chicago, IL No Ammo without a FFL
Cook County, IL No Ammo without a FFL
Los Angeles, CA No Ammo without a FFL
Massachusetts (Statewide) No Ammo without an FFL
New York City, NY No Ammo
Oakland, CA No Ammo without a FFL
San Francisco, CA No Ammo without a FFL
Sacramento, CA No Ammo without a FFL
Washington D.C. No Ammo
APO & FPO Address No Ammo
PO. Boxes No Ammo

Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering ammunition.
NOTE: Ammunition and Firearms must be purchased separately, in two separate orders.

Air Gun Restrictions:
New Jersey
New York
Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering air guns.
Blackpowder Firearms Restrictions:
New Jersey
New York
Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering blackpowder firearms.
NOTE: For all other states, we can ship most blackpowder firearms directly to you.
States That Prohibit Large-Capacity Magazines:
California 10 round limit
Colorado 10 round limit
Connecticut 10 round limit
Hawaii 10 round limit
Maryland 10 round limit
Massachusetts 10 round limit
New Jersey 15 round limit
New York 10 round limit

Updated 2 March 2018