Advanced Handgun (09E)

Weapons RetentionAdvanced handgun training – required for the entry-level personal protection specialist who wishes to have firearms endorsement and optional for other armed registrants.

A. The entry level handgun training is a prerequisite for taking the advanced handgun training.

B. Advanced handgun classroom training.

  1. The advanced handgun training will include but not be limited to:
    1. Firearms safety
    2. Civil and criminal liability
    3. Concealed carry law and authority
    4. Function of firearms in close protection operations
    5. Deployment of firearms in close protection operations
    6. Use of force
    7. Principles of advanced marksmanship
    8. Decision-making for the personal protection specialist

Please note, if you are a former law enforcement officer or investigator and applying for a training course waiver, DCJS requires at least 30 days to process your waiver request. Prior to attending and participating in any partial training courses, you must present FFM with your DCJS waiver letter prior to or on the first day of the training; otherwise, FFM is not authorized to certify any partial training session. You may attend the entire course and full certification will be provided upon meeting the course completion requirements.

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