Virtual Range


Our Virtual Shooting Range is one the very best virtual ranges in the area. It is the most realistic and detailed simulation of a real indoor and/or outdoor shooting range. The closest thing to having your own live-fire shooting range, but with none of the problems and a fraction of the cost. The simulated range adds special features and Firearms Training tools beyond the ability of a live-fire range. In addition, the range adds special features and marksmanship tools beyond the ability of a live-fire range.  When combined with our line of powerful recoil kits, no ammunition is required, permitting unlimited firearm training and access 365 days a year.

A large variety of targets, qualification courses, skill building, and firearms training drills are included. The Virtual Range also includes all law enforcement-related targets and course ware. The Virtual Range has the clearest images of any virtual shooting range in the world with over 2 million pixels per simulated shooting lane.

The Virtual Range can operate from a simple lane control box, or an optional touch-screen operator console that can control and manage multiple lanes. Ideal for firearms training qualification training, this shooting range simulator will quickly become a favorite skill building training tool.

Our Virtual Shooting Range is only available by reservation. Please fill out this form to register. Thank You.

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