Firearm Safety For Children

Firearm Safety For Children

Guns are present in almost half of American homes, and children as young as three possess the finger strength to pull a trigger! These are important reasons why children should begin learning about gun safety. Even children in gun free homes, children may come into contact with guns through friends, neighbors, and relatives. Teachers, medical personnel, law enforcement officers, and responsible parents agree that gun safety begins at home.

Teach Your Child Responsible Gun Safety Basics

Gun owners should not hide the fact that guns are in the house. Gun safes like the Champion Deluxe offer excellent value while securing firearms from curious hands. Moms and dads should explain the valid reasons for having a weapon and why the guns are locked away. This is responsible parenting!

Other things to teach your kids about gun safety include:

  • Teach children to assume that every gun is loaded and dangerous.
  • Explain that guns, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns, are not toys. Children should grasp that real guns are not like the ones in cartoons, movies, and video games.
  • Before a child goes to visit friends, talk to the parents and ask if they own guns, and how their guns are stored; these questions can save lives.
  • Teach your children to never point a gun at another person or to look down the barrel.
  • Make sure kids know that mishandling or dropping a gun can be lethal.

Gun Safety Rules For Kids

Most shooting accidents occur in the home. Children die because they are playing with loaded guns in their parents’ absence. Make it clear to your children that if they find a gun or see other children with a gun, they should follow four simple rules. Have them memorize the following;

  • Stop (and think)
  • Do not touch
  • Leave the area
  • Tell a trustworthy adult

Practice makes perfect and soon these directions will pop into their heads at the first sign of a gun.

Gun Safety Recommendations For Parents

  • Always remove ammunition from their guns.
  • Guns, loaded or unloaded, should never be left lying around the house. When cleaning a gun, never leave it unattended.
  • Hiding a gun in a drawer or cabinet is NOT a good idea. For everyone’s safety, invest in a quality gun safe.
  • Teen suicide is ten times higher when a gun is in the house, therefore, if they show signs of depression guns may need to be stored outside the home. Guns and ammunition should be inaccessible and off limits to everyone that doesn’t have explicit permission from the owner.

Knowledge helps remove the mystery surrounding firearms. Young people make better decisions when they are informed. The more children know about gun safety, the more likely they are to follow rules.

Practicing Gun Safety

In many households, guns are a part of life. People collect guns for recreation, whereas others hunt for meat or sport. No matter the case, guns should be secured in a safe place, not hanging on walls or hid in the closet. Gun safes are the sensible choice.  By following established gun safety rules, parents can really make a difference. Don’t leave gun safety to chance!

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