Instructor Cadre


GemmaRay Gemma, Director of Training

Ray built Fundamental Firearm Management from the ground up, and the company has experienced substantial growth under his leadership. He is certified by Department of Criminal Justice Services as a Firearms and General Instructor in various disciplines, including, but not limited to: Personal Protection Specialist, Private Investigator, and Advanced Handgun. He is also a registered private investigator, IDPA competitive shooter, ordained minister, and Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, currently practicing Japanese Ju Jitsu. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management from SUNY Canton and Master’s of Business Administration in Technology Management from SUNY IT. In addition to his management responsibilities, Ray currently serves as the Chief Trainer and Compliance Agent at Fundamental Firearm Management, and the Training Director at Golden Key Criminal Justice Academy.



Scot McInnis, Asst. Training Director

Mr. McInnis is currently a sworn law enforcement officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Scot is also a former Field Training Officer for the Rappahanock Regional Jail. He is also certified by Department of Criminal Justice Services as a General Instructor and Firearms Instructor in various disciplines. Scot is also a law enforcement instructor, certified by DCJS. He has been through the Jail Instructor course at the Rappahanock Regional Criminal Justice Academy, and has taught classes there as well. Scot is proficient with all small arms, including, but not limited to: semi and fully automatic rifles, automatic shotguns, pump action shotguns, semi-automatic pistols, single and double action revolvers. He is also proficient in unarmed self defense, and is a Black Belt in Karate. Scot has been with the company since 2014, and serves as our Senior Instructor, in charge of managing our firearms training division.


AnsariNadeem Ansari, Defensive Tactics Instructor

Nadeem began practicing martial arts in 1986, in the Ji Do Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do at the Quiet Thunder Martial Arts Academy. He earned his 1st degree black belt in that system in 1995. He has been a full instructor since 1995. Nadeem began training in Kurai Ryu Ju Jitsu directly under Joseph Mandese, Soke Sensei of Kurai Ryu Ju Jitsu in 1989 until Sensei Mandese’s passing in 2003. He is now recognized as a 5th degree black belt in Kurai Ryu Ju Jitsu, and is the chief instructor of the system. In 2005, Nadeem has formulated his own interpretation of Ju Jitsu called Kihen Ryu Ju Jitsu and founded it in 2006. Nadeem is an adjunct professor of Ju Jitsu and Self Defense at George Mason University and an adjunct instructor at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy. Nadeem serves as a judge at various state, national and international tournaments in various disciplines of the martial arts. Nadeem currently serves as our Defensive Tactics Specialist and DCJS Subject Matter Expert.



Joe Agustin, Training Counselor

Joe has been an NRA Firearms Instructor as well as a NRA Training Counselor and Chief Range Safety Officer since 1992. Throughout the years, Joe has increased his knowledge and skills and in 2009, he became a DCJS Certified Instructor as well as a Certified Program Planner. His enthusiasm for firearms coupled with years of teaching experience and leadership skills offer the public top notch training with a focus on safety and helping others build self-confidence. In addition to offering training for those hoping to become firearms trainers, he works with military personal who seek their weapon qualifications. Joe has a passion for teaching people proper firearms safety and the appropriate communication skills to present meaningful firearms training. Joe currently serves as our Training Counselor and teaches various basic and advanced instructor level classes.



Ryan Mehaffey, Legal Expert/Instructor

Ryan currently serves as the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Spotsylvania County. The Commonwealth’s Attorney is responsible for coordinating the criminal prosecution in the County’s three courts, as well as appeals to the Court of Appeals. Commonwealth’s Attorney Travis Bird and his two Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorneys and seven (including 1 part-time) Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys prosecute certain misdemeanor and all felony cases in Spotsylvania County. The office maintains a file system to track these cases and is responsible for investigating criminal histories, driving records, and general background information of persons being prosecuted. He has served on the narcotics and gang taskforce, with focus on violent crime, for Spotsylvania County. He is a former US Marine Sergeant and is proficient with the M16, M9, M2, M240G, and M203. Ryan currently serves as our Self Defense Law Expert, providing invaluable training to those who carry a firearm for protection.